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The Twelve Tasks of Asterix - The book of the film par Rene Goscinny

Gobbolino the Witch's Cat par Ursula Moray Williams

Punktchen Und Anton par Erich Kastner

Between Two Thorns: The Split Worlds - Book One par Emma Newman

The Nonborn King (The Saga of the Exiles) par Julian May

The Human Son par Adrian J. Walker

Waterland (Picador Books) par Graham Swift

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À mon sujetI am a bookworm; I am not fully dressed if I leave the house without a book - although these days it's just as likely to be a digital copy. I'm also a book blogger, so bear with me, I just need to add these 10 other titles to my wishlist because I got distracted from reading my book whilst pausing to jot down my reading notes. Dammit, Twitter.

My genres of choice for reading and reviewing are science fiction and fantasy, although I try to read a few books outside these pastures each year. I'm a sucker for vibrant characters and witty dialogue, and pointed social commentary is always welcome.

Bring me your dragons and space pirates, murder librarians and aliens; make me muse on whether there's a line between artificial intelligence and sentience - it's all good, I'm here for it. I'm not here for romance as the main story, although I will cheerfully board a ship in a subplot (unless it becomes an excuse for heroes rescuing love interests).

I tend to avoid YA and urban fantasy (although titles that avoid love triangles and/or where romance isn't central do get a look-in) and horror (unless it's atmospheric over squick). I generally avoid grimdark too - these days the world is bleak enough without my reading turning the lights out - but I dip my toe in those waters from time to time. Bleak is fine. Misogyny under the cloak of 'realism' can get in the sea - I don't need realism in my fantasy, thanks.

I'm shamelessly biased to reading works by women, trans and non-binary folx; and to amplifying the voices of authors of colour and debut authors. It doesn't mean that I don't read big-name white male authors (I do, there are some great ones) - but enough people are already talking about them. I want to talk about the lesser-known names so we can all have MOAR favourites.

À propos de ma bibliothèqueMy library is dominated by fantasy because I've been collecting it all my life, but my reading is evenly balanced between fantasy and modern scifi / speculative fiction.

My non-fiction shelves are biased towards history and archaeology books or science; and I have a few shelves of mainly historical and some crime fiction to dip into from time to time when I don't fancy a fantasy or scifi read.

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Auteurs préférésZen Cho, Aliette de Bodard, Alan Garner, Nick Harkaway, Susan Hill, Guy Gavriel Kay, Katharine Kerr, Scott Lynch, Richard K. Morgan, Sarah Moss, Mary Doria Russell, Melissa Scott, Michael Marshall Smith, J. R. R. Tolkien, Jo Walton, John Wyndham (Favoris partagés)

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The Edge (The Anomaly, Book 3) par James Smythe
The Obsidian Tower: The Gates of Secrets (The Gate of Secrets) par Melissa Caruso

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