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Time's Eye (A Time Odyssey) par Arthur C. Clarke

The Draco Tavern par Larry Niven

The Branch par Mike Resnick

The Forge of God par Greg Bear

The First Named (Servants of Ark Trilogy, Volume 1) par Jonathan Wylie

Diadem from the Stars par Jo Clayton

Cube Route (Xanth) par Piers Anthony

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À mon sujetI'm a software engineer, compulsive programmer, and avid science fiction reader. I'm married to a wonderful woman who shares my love of science fiction, and brightens my every day with her presence. We have two sons, the eldest's name (Corwin) comes from one of my favorite series of all time, the Amber novels by Roger Zelazny. The youngest's middle name is Avalon.

I once knew almost everything useful to know about eBay, and have developed a decent quality free sniping (late bidding) application named JBidwatcher that I love to recommend to people whenever possible.

À propos de ma bibliothèqueI have been collecting books all my life; I don't really believe in selling off books, it'd be much like selling off old friends who I don't see much. I may not re-read them all the time, but just seeing them around reminds me of their contents.

My wife and I bought a house, and one of the things that drew us to it was a room with a house-length wall with no windows that we could use as a library. It's a beautiful sight to see nearly all my books out and about, instead of boxed up.

I've also read 95% of my books, and of the rest I've probably skimmed (i.e. they're reference books) all but around 2% of my total books. There is always a backlog of unread books, but that's a Good Thing. Always knowing you have more books to look forward to (when you have spare time) is a satisfying feeling.

That said, I am buying more books in digital form these days. Having a hundred books in my pocket, ready for whatever mood I'm in, is pretty amazing...


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