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Sep 1, 2013
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Sarah Gruwell
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historical fiction, historical non-fiction, fantasy, end-of-the-world fiction, horror, supernatural, historical romance and mysteries
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I'm a thirty-something female who works in a doctors office as a front desk personnel. I have two wonderful dogs, Koda the corgi and Scooter, the terrier mix. I live in the great state of MT with my family.

There's nothing I would rather be doing than reading a good book. My Kindle is always cocked and loaded in my purse, no matter where I'm going (even out to the grocery store!). And I'm known at work for sitting in the corner of the break room, shoes off, and nose in the pages.

My main focus is historical fiction, with historical romance and historical mystery being close runners. I adore history, find it fascinating and engrossing. Reading fictional accounts of bygone days just thrills me to my fingertips. So, that's pretty much where I play in my books.

I've decided to re-evaluate my policy on unsolicited read/review requests. I'll be accepting them now if a kind author wishes to extend the offer. Yet, just a heads up, I'm going to be very selective on what I choose from now on, and I can't guarantee when I'll be able to get a review up, so please don't set a timeframe on me. I'm going to be starting a second job soon (hopefully) so my time will be cut into for awhile. Thanks.

Even if you're only looking to chat, I love to talk books as well. So feel free to contact me or friend request me. I'm always looking for other lovers of historical fiction!
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Great Falls, MT
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