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À mon sujetI have two different visitors' maps; a third has gone missing. And I have a flag counter. Thank heavens I don't have to trust any of them.

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Format Sources: Noisy's Profile, Nuts and Bolts, FYI on formatting, Web Source, Alt key symbols, Virago (huh?), 75 Book Challenge explanation, Another 75 Book Challenge explanation, HelpThing, Green Dragon fancy things

FAQ (official and unofficial) and Quasi-FAQ: FAQ, FAQ Group, FYI, Greyhead's FAQ

Maneuvering: Firefox

John Milton's birthday: December 9, 1608
Immanuel Kant's birthday: April 22, 1724

Random Member, Random Work, Random Tag, Huh?

Lists of novels set in Western Massachusetts: Springfield Library

Other book sites I should probably keep track of

Small Demons, Shmoop, Booklamp, Huffpost Books, NPR Books, GPO

À propos de ma bibliothèqueIt is unwieldy. So after making a lot of smoke out of the starting gate, I have slowed way down; perhaps a third of my books are here. None of the books I've had a long time and are upstairs in back will get here for some time. As I get new books, however, I catalogue them immediately.

On line book vendors that I have found useful:

Barny Noble's my default new book source, but they have tried me mercilessly from time to time. Thieves; they are not to be trusted.
Edward R Hamilton for remainders and some new books
AbeBooks for used books; part owner of LibraryThing
Christian Book Distributors for Christian books and some Jewish books
Liberty Fund for solid, historical books on liberty; fulfillment is by the University of Chicago Press, and shipping is steep
Oxford University Press, U.S.A. as a vendor best when there are specials; sometimes difficult web site
The Book Depository to expand the area from which I can obtain books; I am generally impressed by the service.
My Reading

I announce books that I have acquired and books that I have started reading in the appropriate threads of the What Are You Reading Now group. I keep count of books read in one of the challenge groups and am a little more loquacious about my reading in the Club Read group.

25 Book Challenge for 2010
Club Read 2010


75 Books Challenge for 2011
Club Read 2011


I am narrowing my posting in 2012. My Club Read thread will list my books read, my books acquired, and what I see on stage and screen (for the most part). I will not be meeting a challenge for the count for the year.

Club Read 2012
Club Read 2012, second quarter
Club Read 2012, third quarter
Club Read 2012, fourth quarter


Club Read 2013
Club Read 2013, second quarter
Club Read 2013, third quarter
Club Read 2013, fourth quarter


Club Read 2014
Club Read 2014, second half


Club Read 2015


Club Read 2016

Other people's favorite reading
People's Favorite Books of 2010

Club Read 2011
Book Talk
Le Salon Litteraire du Peuple pour le Peuple
What Are Your Reading Now?
Talk about LibraryThing

People's Favorite Books of 2011

Book Talk
Club Read 2012
What Are You Reading Now?"
Le Salon...

People's Favorite Books of 2012

Book Talk
Le Salon...
What Are You Reading Now?
Club Read 2012

People's Favorite Books of 2014; I wonder what happened to 2013

Club Read
What Are You Reading Now
Book Talk
I'd be happy to add more.

Music Audio or Video Links: some of these are denser than others in the links that they contain.
Art is Life
Le Salon Litteraire du Peuple pour le Peuple 1
Le Salon Litteraire du Peuple pour le Peuple 2
MeditationesMartini in Le Salon Litteraire du Peuple pour le Peuple
Best Beatles Songs in Le Salon Litteraire du Peuple pour le Peuple
The Salon's Own Jukebox
The Salon's New Jukebox
The Salon's International Jukebox
Le Salon...: The Rest Is Noise #1
Le Salon...: The Rest Is Noise #2
Literary Snobs 1
Literary Snobs 2
Literary Snobs 3
The Chapel of the Abyss 1
The Chapel of the Abyss 2
The Chapel of the Abyss, another
Music from the Abyss
More music from the abyss
Music from the Abyss, et tu
Music from the Abyss, tres
Jude's 'The Jukebox'
The Hellfire Club: What makes your heart sing?
Club Read
Gene's Juke Box
Gene's Juke Box, part 2, the addendum
I'd be happy to add more.

Note to Myself: Francis Jennings

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Bibliothèques préféréesCornell University - Olin Library, Cornell University - Uris Library

Également surFacebook, Take11

Vrai nomRobert Durick

Lieu (géographique)United States of America

Type de compteaccès public

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/catalog/Mr.Durick (bibliothèque)

Membre depuisJun 12, 2007

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