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Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again!

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ÉpingléPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!28 non-lus / 28the_red_shoes, Août 31
ÉpingléGeneral help and topic title change requests92 non-lus / 92amanda4242, Mercredi 1:04pm
ÉpingléAnnouncements46 non-lus / 46humouress, Août 15
Found: Romantic-Suspense Novel about a teenager girl who pretends her parents are alive.6 non-lus / 6MaryBanary, Aujourd'hui 6:44pm
YA Sad Romance1 non-lu / 1aleighmarie, Aujourd'hui 6:34pm
mystery book narrated by great dane who's never named until the end9 non-lus / 90Z, Aujourd'hui 3:22pm
sf short story human boy and insect aliens hunt larvae10 non-lus / 100Z, Aujourd'hui 3:18pm
space, night sky, moon: non-fiction early 1980s1 non-lu / 1Xuegong_Deng, Aujourd'hui 11:28am
space, night sky, moon: non-fiction early 1980s1 non-lu / 1Xuegong_Deng, Aujourd'hui 11:28am
YA Teenage girl goes to live with grandmother3 non-lus / 3rarm, Aujourd'hui 12:28am
YA(?) fiction - novel involving a house fire7 non-lus / 7bookel, Hier 11:31pm
Romance/erotic novel1 non-lu / 1emilydavidson23, Hier 9:32pm
Children’s book from the perspective of a cat.2 non-lus / 2CalicoCat, Hier 7:36pm
Children's horse book slice of life1 non-lu / 1AnneBlackwood, Hier 7:33pm
Historical Fic Russian Revolution Book Club1 non-lu / 1Sara_Rue, Hier 5:57pm
Historical romance, hero is traumatized, always wear gloves3 non-lus / 3naxald, Hier 5:36pm
Trying to help a friend! I need book sleuths!2 non-lus / 2amanda4242, Hier 5:20pm
Kids book apple blackberry pie1 non-lu / 1wosewoman, Hier 5:13pm
Adult fiction about Annie5 non-lus / 5d_perlo, Hier 3:18pm
Found: YA Scholastic. Twins, moody, eastern seaboard, fisherman, 80s4 non-lus / 4MzPepper, Hier 12:50pm
Going crazy trying to remember the name of a book!3 non-lus / 3mana_z, Hier 9:14am
Romance novel with exes meeting after years of divorce1 non-lu / 1Ochanya, Hier 8:25am
fantasy2 non-lus / 2beyondthefourthwall, Hier 8:23am
Regency romance with a widowed/divorced Hero(marquess/duke)1 non-lu / 1Ochanya, Hier 7:56am
History book6 non-lus / 6Samil_Sam, Hier 2:44am
Contemporary romance. Mousy brownhaired librarian type gets wisked away by secret agent.4 non-lus / 4merrystar, Hier 12:11am
Found: young girl finds doll in attic6 non-lus / 6BlueLil, Vendredi 11:09pm
One house, two families, years apart, bit of a mystery?6 non-lus / 6beyondthefourthwall, Vendredi 9:05pm
SciFi/Fan pandemic3 non-lus / 3lesmel, Vendredi 7:29pm
Young Adult Book From Around 20121 non-lu / 1MaryBanary, Vendredi 6:16pm
Found: YA Fiction - 25 years+ ago - possible Holocaust theme3 non-lus / 3Aquila, Vendredi 6:13pm
Help me remember this old Children’s book.4 non-lus / 4Nerilka, Vendredi 2:52pm
Renaissance Siena, Italy (Christian??) Fiction Series Good vs Evil2 non-lus / 2Caramellunacy, Vendredi 2:17pm
Woman kidnapped, forced to be in harem17 non-lus / 17wildernessbaptist, Vendredi 12:22pm
series set in britain involving parallel dimensions1 non-lu / 1Tardisbh, Jeudi 11:22pm
Children's picture book1 non-lu / 1Ophelia85, Jeudi 5:20pm
novella - man w/ overbearing mom, has adventures, confesses to murders he didn't commit1 non-lu / 1Gordon_Greenhill, Jeudi 8:42am
Book about kidnapped (?) girl4 non-lus / 4beyondthefourthwall, Jeudi 8:05am
YA girl mystery2 non-lus / 2curtainwoman, Jeudi 3:51am
Found: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller “madox”3 non-lus / 3soupshard, Jeudi 2:31am
children's nonsense poetry book13 non-lus / 13AllyCat22, Jeudi 12:46am
Late 2000s YA Princess Portal Story1 non-lu / 1nonoflores, Mercredi 8:26pm
Pre teen fiction book letter exchange12 non-lus / 12Katstrat, Mercredi 2:00pm
Found: Teen fantasy novel about a girl blacksmith2 non-lus / 2tessmctessy, Mercredi 12:37pm
detective fiction1 non-lu / 1HelminP, Mercredi 12:12pm
YA fiction: main character is a teen1 non-lu / 1KaitlinG01, Mercredi 11:45am
Kids' Q&A book, early 1990s3 non-lus / 3beyondthefourthwall, Mercredi 9:40am
Survival on the ocean2 non-lus / 2konallis, Mercredi 9:39am
Found: Chapter book about a boy and an escaped lion4 non-lus / 4BrianWood, Mercredi 7:05am
SciFi: Omnipotent Being Creates Universes, Stories of People Within31 non-lus / 31fuzzi, Mercredi 6:40am
Found: Funny children's short story included in an anthology5 non-lus / 5Petroglyph, Mercredi 5:38am
Found: YA Fiction. Princess in Hiding. Plays Harp. 13 Adopted Princesses.4 non-lus / 4mikitiale, Mercredi 3:01am
Historical romance novel1 non-lu / 1ABBITUDE, Mercredi 2:13am
African American fiction or YA fiction about group of Black students in college8 non-lus / 8DKG20, Mardi 9:07pm
Hunting for a book3 non-lus / 3rarm, Mardi 6:28pm
Found: Dystopian or fantasy book I read a long time ago4 non-lus / 4lesmel, Mardi 6:17pm
Found: Young adult fantasy, Red haired protagonist w/ evil father4 non-lus / 4keachachu, Mardi 5:04pm
Found: YA or children's novel, varying font sizes4 non-lus / 4keachachu, Mardi 5:04pm
Found: Young Adult Fiction Girl Kept Alive Only Using Part of Butterfly Brain4 non-lus / 4beyondthefourthwall, Mardi 4:43pm
Book about a little girl and a very religious father2 non-lus / 2rarm, Mardi 1:43pm
Time travel using 10 pills, goes back 10 years for limited time4 non-lus / 4vorkosigan, Mardi 12:45pm
Found: YA ED book search4 non-lus / 4vorkosigan, Mardi 12:17pm
Found: Childrens Fantasy monster hunting series3 non-lus / 3Wintersail, Mardi 5:29am
Librarian. Thriller, Mature, Mystery.1 non-lu / 1Dlmoonj, Mardi 4:59am
Paranormal time travel romance: heroine works in a lab on supernatural beings,the hero is a royal vampire1 non-lu / 1ramia1289, Mardi 4:53am
Old revenge novel1 non-lu / 1mimi0, Mardi 3:00am
Iso of book where girl disappears at a sleepover.3 non-lus / 3MissSquish, Mardi 1:16am
Childrens book winter and christmas2 non-lus / 2jisabeau, Mardi 12:12am
Youth picture book learn spelling rules adventure1 non-lu / 1vizslsgirl, Lundi 8:57pm
YA dystopian4 non-lus / 4LovingRebel12, Lundi 5:30pm
Found: Island of blue dolphins read alike4 non-lus / 4zachb85, Lundi 4:24pm
YA - magic, female magic, village in the woods1 non-lu / 1lanalacurrie, Lundi 3:05pm
Harlequin or Silhouette from the 1980s1 non-lu / 1CrazeeTeechur, Lundi 2:49pm
Contemporary Romance. Unexpected pregnancy mistaken for affair2 non-lus / 2lesmel, Lundi 1:35pm
YA novel where people are killed off when their names go viral2 non-lus / 2juels, Lundi 12:47pm
Book about children who get trapped inside a painting2 non-lus / 2BrainFireBob, Lundi 10:13am
Magic Armor Can't Be Removed4 non-lus / 4BrainFireBob, Lundi 10:08am
Hardback Children's Book About a Boy Searching for his Dog21 non-lus / 21BWesley, Lundi 12:18am
JFIC Horse with star on forehead/cow guard/horse breaks leg/shot1 non-lu / 1zachb85, Dimanche 9:21pm
JFIC orphaned siblings/brother mentally handicapped/ cowboy hat(s)1 non-lu / 1zachb85, Dimanche 9:18pm
museum antiquarian and FBI agent4 non-lus / 4Caramellunacy, Dimanche 4:01pm
ConRom. Unexpected pregnancy mistaken for affair1 non-lu / 1SofiaHall, Dimanche 2:34pm
Found: YA Novel with Timetravel6 non-lus / 6Marissa_Doyle, Dimanche 10:59am
Historical romance traumatised heroine3 non-lus / 3mjreal, Dimanche 10:09am
Found: Stegosaurus in Colorado7 non-lus / 7MajorKira, Dimanche 9:42am
Adult romance story - Second chance at love & failing resort/hotel2 non-lus / 2starlightgenie, Dimanche 3:01am
Found: MG novel - one character is a biker aunt who's actually an uncle. possible foster theme?5 non-lus / 5BookSmith23, Septembre 11
MG chapter book about kid entrepreneur / hustler (magician?) 1980s16 non-lus / 16BookSmith23, Septembre 11
Contemporary romance series with many siblings6 non-lus / 6wartgin, Septembre 11
Historical Romance Paperback2 non-lus / 2vroni, Septembre 11
YA Vampire Hunter Novel2 non-lus / 2jeane, Septembre 11
A child's book1 non-lu / 1LeanneTaylor, Septembre 11
Can’t find a book3 non-lus / 3hippomamma, Septembre 11
Fantasy world where teenage boy is taken from family1 non-lu / 1hippomamma, Septembre 11
YA Stormy island2 non-lus / 2curioussquared, Septembre 10
Military Romance, Takes place in Australia, LA, Thailand, hero named Ben1 non-lu / 1emcl93, Septembre 10
Bible Story Series. Not Arthur Maxwell6 non-lus / 6EGBERTINA, Septembre 10
feel good chicken soup book. BEFORE CHICKEN SOUP. 1970's15 non-lus / 15EGBERTINA, Septembre 10
Older murder mystery with killer microbes5 non-lus / 5lilithcat, Septembre 10
Found: Historical Romance, Duke and a a girl that grew up in America4 non-lus / 4juels, Septembre 10
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