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EpongléPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!22 non-lus / 22Crypto-Willobie, Avril 12
EpongléGeneral help and topic title change requests34 non-lus / 34amanda4242, Lundi 11:34am
EpongléAnnouncements35 non-lus / 35humouress, Mars 20
Found: 90's Children's Ghost Stories Book2 non-lus / 2Pamplemousse999, Aujourd'hui 4:46pm
Does anyone know this book?2 non-lus / 2Pamplemousse999, Aujourd'hui 2:54pm
Children's fiction, prince must save sick father1 non-lu / 1CFJAziz, Aujourd'hui 2:51pm
horror-Dreams that make do bad things2 non-lus / 2RAspenson, Aujourd'hui 1:02pm
Teen/ Young Adult set in high-school8 non-lus / 8FortisIndy_LRC, Aujourd'hui 9:37am
Revenge Romance1 non-lu / 1bmeisenheimer, Aujourd'hui 8:52am
YA Fantasy about a bad wizard25 non-lus / 25humouress, Hier 11:08pm
young reader wizard female protagonist cat on cover6 non-lus / 6colebl, Hier 11:08pm
Children's Book about Old Woman Babbling Brook1 non-lu / 1alyssarose, Hier 8:23pm
Children's book- a boy & his dog hearing a female spirit out by the ocean1 non-lu / 1ENPB, Hier 8:14pm
Subplot about bored wife who runs away1 non-lu / 1CaliMartha, Hier 7:27pm
children's book about man with wanderlust comparing places hes been1 non-lu / 1cactus-lover, Hier 4:52pm
please hlep, ive been looking for years...1 non-lu / 1cactus-lover, Hier 4:45pm
Murder Mystery3 non-lus / 3CorieDenise, Hier 4:38pm
YA coming of age? think it was published in the 00s, maybe around 2005.2 non-lus / 2beyondthefourthwall, Hier 9:30am
Teddy Bears Tell Stories1 non-lu / 1Shaz4Books, Hier 7:29am
Found: Young Adult/Teen Book about Clone (Thriller?)15 non-lus / 15Caramellunacy, Hier 5:06am
Can’t find:(1 non-lu / 1daisy1199977, Hier 4:16am
a girl that walks down this path and chased by these creatures that live in the dark. Later meets a boy and they travel2 non-lus / 2daisy1199977, Hier 4:12am
A woman who adopted a boy1 non-lu / 1eliena, Mercredi 11:40pm
Mystery/adventure in egypt2 non-lus / 2RachelP_21, Mercredi 10:56pm
YA boy collects deformed candy3 non-lus / 3RachelP_21, Mercredi 10:52pm
YA Supernatural Teenage Girl Lives with Relative and discovers secret in attic1 non-lu / 1RachelP_21, Mercredi 10:50pm
Black American city-set coming of age novel3 non-lus / 3juno22, Mercredi 9:59pm
Country girl from small town looks for her childhood best friends attempted murderer1 non-lu / 1mcoe1055, Mercredi 9:49pm
YA Goosebumps-esque Horror short stories collection2 non-lus / 2SJaneDoe, Mercredi 9:35pm
Found: Bounty hunter thriller/mystery3 non-lus / 3MajorKira, Mercredi 8:43pm
Woman marries town doctor who later dies in an accident; she is grief stricken and pregnant1 non-lu / 1pledger, Mercredi 8:20pm
Historical Romance warrior/harem/crusade1 non-lu / 1plynn113, Mercredi 3:10pm
woman author moves to Deep South to live with locals to better understand the vast differences in beliefs2 non-lus / 2jjlong, Mercredi 3:06pm
YA Series about boy that learns magic (girl with skeleton hand)1 non-lu / 1citraos, Mercredi 1:29pm
YA Story about a girl who sees ghosts1 non-lu / 1eoverkamp, Mercredi 9:59am
Death investigation with magic??2 non-lus / 2Brittany-Lee, Mercredi 8:01am
Stand-alone college football romance series1 non-lu / 1solenebaweja, Mercredi 3:12am
YA book about kid trying to survive on his own1 non-lu / 1ascully2, Mardi 11:36pm
pre-reader "I am a duck"2 non-lus / 2SainaR, Mardi 11:35pm
Sex scene in Apple orchard1 non-lu / 1kimberly2021, Mardi 11:27pm
Indigenous Girl And Therapist1 non-lu / 1wildrabikah, Mardi 10:57pm
YA book, possibly from 90’s, girl has famous parents or she is famous, named Olivia (more below)1 non-lu / 1jbaker6651, Mardi 10:15pm
YA mystery book1 non-lu / 1Skyla_orca, Mardi 8:54pm
ya teenager dies and experiences scenes from others' lives2 non-lus / 20Z, Mardi 8:13pm
Book Series1 non-lu / 1Yenera, Mardi 6:31pm
Please help me find this book1 non-lu / 1amy1996, Mardi 2:42pm
Construction Equipment Picture Book 1980s1 non-lu / 1DebbyWeiss, Mardi 10:51am
High school boy that was bullied and one day gains powers and 2 demon protectors1 non-lu / 1ATKT, Mardi 8:52am
Help find a book, female prot, has a big scar, part of caravan, vampire1 non-lu / 1Gcb69, Lundi 11:09pm
Fantasy about a girl and a wizard 3-4 set1 non-lu / 1kayla444, Lundi 11:05pm
Romance Novel Scotland 1980s?1 non-lu / 1Mame37, Lundi 6:22pm
Children's Book Story Compilation - boy in pancake eating competition (no later than 2010)1 non-lu / 1lexxxxxx, Lundi 4:46pm
Book Search: picture book- flower growing in ear2 non-lus / 2megnolia, Lundi 3:16pm
mystery book narrated by great dane who's never named until the end1 non-lu / 10Z, Lundi 3:08pm
sf short story human boy and insect aliens hunt larvae1 non-lu / 10Z, Lundi 2:50pm
Contemporary romance book, younger female, scarred male lead?3 non-lus / 3essiea, Lundi 2:42pm
Romance Book1 non-lu / 1GlendaS., Lundi 12:21pm
Found: Fantasy story with vampires and daemons.4 non-lus / 4juels, Lundi 11:49am
Pirate Romance1 non-lu / 1Sapphire674, Lundi 11:48am
Found: Short story about a boy in school who gets in trouble3 non-lus / 3smaryosst, Lundi 10:48am
Female assassin fiction with talking heads2 non-lus / 2pjfarm, Lundi 9:31am
Little Critters2 non-lus / 2Kathy_Moon, Lundi 9:22am
unnerving fiction about "swapped" twins4 non-lus / 4juels, Lundi 9:04am
Fantasy title where MC is a male wizard, who is charmed by a female troll (Or other humanoid creature)1 non-lu / 1Tallguy5292, Lundi 8:07am
Children’s-Tween Books3 non-lus / 3dufflebagr, Lundi 5:38am
Found: Scifi - Girl gets a space birthmark after alien invasion3 non-lus / 3TwoovalQueen, Lundi 2:25am
Highland Historical Romance: heroine is allergic to mutton6 non-lus / 6Eli_G, Lundi 2:21am
Adult fantasy, girl and a wizard1 non-lu / 1kayla444, Dimanche 10:16pm
Whats this book2 non-lus / 2rarm, Dimanche 8:37pm
I feel like everyone knows this series. Help pls3 non-lus / 3sueelleker, Dimanche 5:40pm
YA about teen who times travels to witness violence/murders1 non-lu / 1kelliroberts, Dimanche 3:13pm
Found: Children's Picture Book on the "Real" Reasons adults have kids do activities4 non-lus / 4beyondthefourthwall, Dimanche 2:06pm
Found: collection of short stories4 non-lus / 4Petroglyph, Dimanche 10:10am
Children's Book1 non-lu / 1Bianca91, Dimanche 4:16am
Found: 1970s-80s YA novel about a witch moving in with a family4 non-lus / 4booklvr1971, Dimanche 2:05am
Regency hero masks and plays double identity to betrothed1 non-lu / 1brittanieval, Samedi 9:04pm
Regency romance1 non-lu / 1susynne, Samedi 6:52pm
Slow boy takes baby into barn, then baby dies2 non-lus / 2yken091, Samedi 5:19pm
Kids book of monsters10 non-lus / 10Wes_Librairianson, Samedi 11:34am
Historical (maybe erotic?) Romance novel1 non-lu / 1ravenna1, Samedi 11:03am
SciFi Thriller (maybe YA dystopian, futuristic too)7 non-lus / 7Aquila, Samedi 8:29am
Thriller about a man who escapes from a Chinese prison1 non-lu / 1-pilgrim-, Samedi 6:36am
Found: Middle age book about step brothers running from bad guys because of photograph3 non-lus / 3Tjens146, Vendredi 7:49pm
Romantic Suspense--Harlequin or Sihouette2 non-lus / 2lesmel, Vendredi 6:59pm
Contemporary: white girl and black guy are study partners and fall in love3 non-lus / 3OliviaCC, Vendredi 5:04pm
YA Crime/Mystery1 non-lu / 1ChristopherH98, Vendredi 1:35pm
Found: YA - Set in post-apocalypse (nuclear holocaust?) society that shuns and exterminates people who have deformities3 non-lus / 3Dean_o, Vendredi 1:18pm
Found: YA Suspense story3 non-lus / 3rebaismymom, Vendredi 1:12pm
Found: Children's book: hot air balloon stranded on island with gold4 non-lus / 4lib.rare.ian, Vendredi 12:54pm
YA spy book2 non-lus / 2Kathy_Moon, Vendredi 9:22am
Found: Crime fiction novel regarding some druglord I guess3 non-lus / 3Caramellunacy, Vendredi 7:35am
Fiction - Half-vampires who are children of Egyptian gods who were vampires5 non-lus / 5Tarlkhir, Vendredi 6:46am
Scifi thriller/spaceopera, awakened astronaut, mad scientist on cover1 non-lu / 1theejimpee, Vendredi 5:46am
Scifi Short Story1 non-lu / 1StainlessSteelRatt, Vendredi 3:19am
Help me find a childhood book2 non-lus / 2MissSquish, Vendredi 3:00am
Complicated Father/daughter/stepfather relationship set in England1 non-lu / 1ShaunnaCG, Vendredi 12:52am
Shifter Romance Series2 non-lus / 2juels, Avril 29
Children's book giants/trolls eating sheep1 non-lu / 1bsnbabe68, Avril 29
Not Kit Rocha's "Beyond" series, but same setting and descriptive text4 non-lus / 4RowanTribeNew, Avril 29
Found: Book about people who control others called poets3 non-lus / 3Kartik2773, Avril 29
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