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Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again!

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ÉpingléPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!52 non-lus / 52amanda4242, Vendredi 8:07pm
ÉpingléGeneral help and topic title change requests203 non-lus / 203amanda4242, Juin 25
ÉpingléAnnouncements60 non-lus / 60Petroglyph, Août 2023
ÉpingléTips for Finding Requested Books21 non-lus / 21amanda4242, Mai 25
Girl coming of age? POC. Kidnapped or ran away1 non-lu / 1ambarawr, Aujourd'hui 12:54am
Children's fiction, guppies, 1950-19904 non-lus / 4bookel, Aujourd'hui 12:21am
Fantasy Girl saves family ft. giants - Juvenile/YA book5 non-lus / 5KBubs, Hier 11:51pm
Romance western book1 non-lu / 1jacky0930, Hier 11:43pm
Boy is given radioactive cruciform dagger1 non-lu / 1Scribblerjohnny, Hier 10:46pm
Haunted pants1 non-lu / 1Speedykitten, Hier 7:50pm
Book where someone encounters several different versions of the devil.2 non-lus / 2Jen-the-Librarian, Hier 7:15pm
Vampire Romance/Mystery Book1 non-lu / 1RavenWillow, Hier 2:57pm
psychic teen girl2 non-lus / 2MissSquish, Hier 11:58am
Wizard werewolf brothers use spell to find mates series ADULT FANTASY3 non-lus / 3Sen_Tuar, Dimanche 10:34pm
Italian woman down on luck NYC Coney Island1 non-lu / 1khrissy315, Dimanche 3:11pm
Fiction -Woman living two lives *spoiler*…3 non-lus / 3keachachu, Dimanche 3:11pm
two school girls lawyer father secret love exwife attempt murder1 non-lu / 1indumath1, Dimanche 12:31pm
Found: Series of Young adult fiction set in Pacific Northwest or West Coast all books by th same lady author read in 1970's17 non-lus / 17tantivy, Dimanche 10:08am
Female main character, injured in desert, gargoyles?8 non-lus / 8toastyyummies, Samedi 9:50pm
Adult Mystery/Thriller from little girl's perspective1 non-lu / 1gaylibrarian17, Samedi 2:34pm
Romance2 non-lus / 2praasii, Samedi 11:54am
Vintage Picture Book About Unicorns at War with Dragons3 non-lus / 3DisassemblyOfReason, Samedi 10:12am
Found: Historical Romance MMC picks up FMC from side of road in his carriage3 non-lus / 3floridaholly, Samedi 9:47am
Omegaverse Fated mates2 non-lus / 22kwiet, Vendredi 11:29pm
Found: Short Ghost Stories Book5 non-lus / 5MissSquish, Vendredi 4:46pm
a serial killer and his eyes2 non-lus / 2MissSquish, Vendredi 4:30pm
Contemporary romance, mfc has heart condition, traveling in Australia\NZ?1 non-lu / 12kwiet, Vendredi 3:25pm
Found: Modern Fantasy where a Vegas HS guy takes a charter bus to magic college escorted by a fighter girl in an oversized coat3 non-lus / 3seiijuro, Vendredi 10:02am
children's book about talking china doll3 non-lus / 3MissSquish, Vendredi 12:13am
Fantasy romance snowy castle setting1 non-lu / 1Parabatai420, Jeudi 11:07pm
YA/teen girl's brother drowned in pool and she feels guilty about it, befriends neighbor across the street1 non-lu / 1kconnellys23, Jeudi 6:39pm
YA early 2000s girl's parents are divorced her mom dates her teacher1 non-lu / 1AKrupnik, Jeudi 1:53pm
Mills and boon romance1 non-lu / 1Mahabhatti, Jeudi 11:22am
Contemporary Romance book from the late 80s or early 90s.1 non-lu / 1rdpbooks, Jeudi 6:22am
American Revolution Romance??1 non-lu / 1Christi295, Mercredi 10:38pm
Found: JA/YA Thriller Series with FMC3 non-lus / 3mobrxwn, Mercredi 8:53pm
Novel where a child meets 3 different versions of the devil?1 non-lu / 1Pacmane, Mercredi 8:09pm
Found: YA novel about two boys, one white the other black, kidnapped during a bankrobbery5 non-lus / 5Caramellunacy, Mercredi 6:04pm
Recent psycological suspense set in UK where narrator is killer1 non-lu / 1Taran78, Mercredi 5:00pm
Found: YA historical fiction Irish American servant solving mystery3 non-lus / 3ch1ckad33, Mercredi 3:22pm
Found: Chimera book with military and portals?3 non-lus / 3iNalon, Mercredi 11:08am
Novel written from the perspective of a beaver5 non-lus / 5gwenjade, Mercredi 8:07am
Picture book - character go underwater instead of to space2 non-lus / 2Petroglyph, Mercredi 6:47am
Family saga series, US early(?)1900s, scandals1 non-lu / 1kkmmcc, Mercredi 3:57am
Tiny red hardback about nuclear physics9 non-lus / 9Grinok, Mardi 8:53pm
Short Story Collection from New Zealand/Australia1 non-lu / 1yoshyosh1, Mardi 6:21pm
Ghanaian Christian book for young people1 non-lu / 1Uresco, Mardi 3:20pm
Crime fiction - Husband hides his wife's murder.1 non-lu / 1BrunoFelipeDosSantos, Mardi 9:44am
Little brother Jinx3 non-lus / 3MissSquish, Juillet 8
Horror1 non-lu / 1carolynhil, Juillet 8
YA novel about two girls, they have some tension and one has a homemaker mom1 non-lu / 1castoragirl, Juillet 8
Crime/mystery solving boy genius2 non-lus / 2vorkosigan, Juillet 8
Written Humor. A Kind of Man's Guide to Life, Not the one from the 2000s. Came out in the 80s1 non-lu / 1Bargle5, Juillet 8
YA horror/thriller, red spores, zombie/vampire people3 non-lus / 3PottedP1ant, Juillet 8
younger woman, older male artist novel5 non-lus / 5Cecrow, Juillet 8
can't think of title3 non-lus / 3juels, Juillet 8
Historical Romance - Main male character’s name is Beau2 non-lus / 2RMBAU, Juillet 8
Sf Novel, Possibly C. J. Cherryh73 non-lus / 73Bargle5, Juillet 8
SF Novel by Mostly Mystery Writer63 non-lus / 63Bargle5, Juillet 8
Modern romance1 non-lu / 1romancebooknerd, Juillet 8
YA book male love interest who is scottish1 non-lu / 1SamanthaLawford, Juillet 7
A young bookkeeper who’s mother is murdered by a sabotaged swing finds out she is a princess.1 non-lu / 1DelinaW, Juillet 7
Found: Historical Romance FMC back from the dead4 non-lus / 4vorkosigan, Juillet 7
Brambly-Hedge-esque mouse picture book6 non-lus / 6Mimibix, Juillet 7
Found: Irish Mythologial Fantasy. c. 1978- 198116 non-lus / 16EGBERTINA, Juillet 7
Found: YA/Childrens book about a manor?5 non-lus / 5Pdawg, Juillet 7
Mills and boon Book search1 non-lu / 1fernau, Juillet 7
mystery with actress in italy2 non-lus / 2MissSquish, Juillet 7
Vampire book2 non-lus / 2vorkosigan, Juillet 7
1970s/1980s Romance set in NZ Geothermal Resort2 non-lus / 2rarm, Juillet 6
English Spinster Unreliable Narrator2 non-lus / 2rarm, Juillet 6
Found: 1980s fiction about obsessive fan of The Cure3 non-lus / 3SusanBraxton, Juillet 6
Detective story1 non-lu / 1ryanhoff, Juillet 6
Christian Fiction about a runaway wife1 non-lu / 1Squirreled_Away, Juillet 6
Reverse harem1 non-lu / 1Selena4040, Juillet 6
Adult Modern Fantasy maybe romance? Magic PI trying to do her job8 non-lus / 8vorkosigan, Juillet 5
Fiction about a young woman in Africa1 non-lu / 1FroggyInAzeroth, Juillet 5
Found: find book title/author5 non-lus / 5nosporr, Juillet 5
Book about specific group of trees found in Nevada(?) with artwork throughout book15 non-lus / 15eclbates, Juillet 5
1950s sci-fi about earth5 non-lus / 5mykl-s, Juillet 5
middle grade, Susan and the Dark. Cover:Dark, Girl w dress, white1 non-lu / 1ebr_regent, Juillet 5
Adult story, follows girl Willa through 50s-60s2 non-lus / 2rarm, Juillet 4
SciFi Short Story Unintelligent Dog Protagonist. It Visits a College or University4 non-lus / 4Bargle5, Juillet 4
Horror Book, Possibly 2, from 70s-80s (Spoiler Ahead)42 non-lus / 42Bargle5, Juillet 4
Killer Psychotherapist, Detective Protagonist, Mystery Novel3 non-lus / 3amberwitch, Juillet 4
Short story where the guest never leaves3 non-lus / 3MissSquish, Juillet 3
hypnosis gay, adult story, amazon1 non-lu / 1nouan_007, Juillet 3
Non-Fiction / Fresh Water1 non-lu / 1KateFBrown, Juillet 3
Schlouch1 non-lu / 1lawlessbunny, Juillet 3
Finding This Book2 non-lus / 2amanda4242, Juillet 2
Slice of life, romance, shipping docks1 non-lu / 1Veena_99, Juillet 2
Need Help Finding a Book1 non-lu / 1MalayaDavis, Juillet 2
Found: " Susanna, Susanna the starfucker" -line from romance novel I'm searching for3 non-lus / 3Imrevkimbera, Juillet 2
Found: Below intelligence person gets more and more intelligent and less happy then it reverses4 non-lus / 4TheRoxane, Juillet 1
Found: Children's series about different monster families, 2000s6 non-lus / 6slimikin, Juillet 1
Forgotten Fantasy book1 non-lu / 1LillieMm4, Juin 30
I think something about tears1 non-lu / 1AH7861, Juin 30
YA Boy who thinks he is time traveling to the past2 non-lus / 2MissSquish, Juin 29
Found: Short Story - Removing the Magic from the Moon5 non-lus / 5DisassemblyOfReason, Juin 29
SF story - Man knows the last time he does things11 non-lus / 11DisassemblyOfReason, Juin 29
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