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A place to discuss coffee (and tea, if you are into that) as well as its relationship to books, or just books, or books that go good with coffee, or books that you have spilled coffee on, or whatever. Like a regular coffeehouse, you can come, sit, relax, study, ask questions and have pretentious conversations. Unlike a regular coffeehouse, there will be no surly waiters, no art school fashion victims and no shitty techno to drown out the conversation.

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World's Most Expensive Coffee:8 non-lus / 8waterexpert, Mars 2011
General Discussion72 non-lus / 72LA12Hernandez, Décembre 2010
Guide to the Worlds's Best Coffee Shops (According to Bibliophiles)36 non-lus / 36LovingLit, Juillet 2010
Books That Go Good With Coffee32 non-lus / 32richardderus, Juin 2010
Best Coffee You Have Had, Ever56 non-lus / 56CarolO, Janvier 2010
Online Coffee Buyer's Guide14 non-lus / 14Cecilturtle, Octobre 2009
More FREE COFFEE!1 non-lu / 1vintage_books, Mars 2009
Starbucks on the skids5 non-lus / 5dancingstarfish, Février 2009
Free Coffee!2 non-lus / 2vintage_books, Janvier 2009
Favorite Way to Make Coffee15 non-lus / 15SqueakyChu, Janvier 2009
Fav. place for coffee and a book9 non-lus / 9zenomax, Octobre 2008
French Press20 non-lus / 20GojirasHejira, Janvier 2008
fair trade coffee12 non-lus / 12GirlFromIpanema, Janvier 2008
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