The Globe: Shakespeare, his Contemporaries, and Context

This group is for discussions about the life and works of William Shakespeare, the actor-playwright from Stratford-upon-Avon, as well as other playwrights, poets, and prose writers of his time: Philip Sidney, Edmund Spenser, Christopher Marlowe, Ben Jonson, John Donne, Thomas Middleton, John Webster, Beaumont and Fletcher and many others. We also welcome posts about Shakespeare in contemporary culture, theatre, teaching, etc.

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ÉpingléWelcome to the Globe!42 non-lus / 42Crypto-Willobie, Mai 10
Shakespeare in MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), and other Online Presences10 non-lus / 10Crypto-Willobie, Juin 16
Shakespeare-Owned Book Found?6 non-lus / 6Podras., Mai 27
(under construction) What Shakespeare's Sonnets tell us about their author161 non-lus / 161proximity1, Mai 9
On Missing the Point of Reading Shakespeare : Dr. Paul Hamilton comments on contemporary confusion6 non-lus / 6proximity1, Mai 9
"no darkness but ignorance" (Clown), "Twelfth Night", (IV, 2, 42)19 non-lus / 19proximity1, Mai 9
(under construction) What Shakespeare's Sonnets tell us about their author22 non-lus / 22proximity1, Mai 9
Occasional Notes: On the past and present defamation of Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford,3 non-lus / 3proximity1, Mai 9
Notes and comments on René Girard and his work, A Theatre of Envy: William Shakespeare (1991; 2000)20 non-lus / 20proximity1, Mai 9
Did Shakespeare—correction, William Shaksper— write "Shakespeare"?* (continued from post No. 215 of the original thread)44 non-lus / 44proximity1, Mai 9
Teaching about the person and work of "Shakespeare" as done today amounts to a "crime"105 non-lus / 105proximity1, Mai 9
Troilus and Cressida14 non-lus / 14Podras., Mai 6
THIS THREAD IS CLOSED Recent Shakespeare News59 non-lus / 59Crypto-Willobie, Mai 5
For Shakespeare's Birthday, 20216 non-lus / 6Podras., Avril 26
testing 1231 non-lu / 1Crypto-Willobie, Avril 25
Continuations and retellings5 non-lus / 5proximity1, Avril 2
testing16 non-lus / 16AnnieMod, Mars 31
alternative to David Crystal's 'original pronunciation'3 non-lus / 3Crypto-Willobie, Février 4
The people and places of the world of Edward De Vere, Seventeenth Earl of Oxford--and what these have to teach us...7 non-lus / 7proximity1, Août 2020
Did Shakespeare write Shakespeare?224 non-lus / 224proximity1, Juillet 2020
Missing Tag16 non-lus / 16proximity1, Juin 2020
Some forthcoming Shakespeare lectures from Sir Stanley Wells4 non-lus / 4Crypto-Willobie, Mai 2020
Did Shakespeare write Shakespeare? continued, part 258 non-lus / 58Podras., Avril 2020
Milton on Shakespeare...12 non-lus / 12proximity1, Septembre 2019
The world of Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford (II) : On Elizabethan noble society and its heritage2 non-lus / 2proximity1, Juillet 2019
The Best Complete Shakespeare Collection9 non-lus / 9tespis, Juin 2019
books about WS, etc.48 non-lus / 48proximity1, Juin 2019
Notes on & Excerpts from Dowden's Shakspere A Critical Study and on Chapman's Wm. Shaksp. and Robt. Greene The Evidence3 non-lus / 3proximity1, Avril 2019
Finding the pen-name's author, Edward Oxford: Sonnet XLVIII2 non-lus / 2proximity1, Octobre 2018
How those so inclined could collaborate to find key evidence of Oxford's identity behind the pen-name “Shakepeare"7 non-lus / 7Podras., Septembre 2018
Favorite Audio Books?3 non-lus / 3proximity1, Août 2018
New Cambridge Shakespeare entries4 non-lus / 4Crypto-Willobie, Janvier 2017
Shakespeare keeping words current4 non-lus / 4Podras., Mai 2016
New to Shakespeare - Help me find my perfect edition!25 non-lus / 25MarleneMacke, Avril 2016
Shakespeare's First Folio4 non-lus / 4Crypto-Willobie, Avril 2016
Sonnets8 non-lus / 8LesMiserables, Décembre 2015
Modern editions8 non-lus / 8messpots, Février 2015
Titus Andronicus15 non-lus / 15Crypto-Willobie, Décembre 2014
Globe Theatre touring Hamlet3 non-lus / 3chrisharpe, Décembre 2014
What performances have you seen lately?14 non-lus / 14Podras., Octobre 2014
What sparked your interest in Shakespeare?27 non-lus / 27Bookoholic73, Juin 2014
BBC R4 In Our Time: The Tempest5 non-lus / 5alaudacorax, Novembre 2013
The Henriad Plays6 non-lus / 6jennybhatt, Septembre 2013
BBC Radio 3 and Shakespeare17 non-lus / 17antimuzak, Avril 2013
Any character...8 non-lus / 8Muscogulus, Juin 2012
Happy Birthday, dear William......2 non-lus / 2lilithcat, Avril 2012
Movies18 non-lus / 18abbottthomas, Décembre 2011
Best Performances25 non-lus / 25the_dolls_dressmaker, Octobre 2011
Doubtful Plays, Shakespeare 1734-356 non-lus / 6JaceWolff, Septembre 2011
Soliloquies: the lady doth indeed protest, chris wind1 non-lu / 1chriswind, Août 2011
An Elizabethan LT interface?1 non-lu / 1Muscogulus, Janvier 2011
Complete Shakespeare6 non-lus / 6PhoenixTerran, Novembre 2010
Playing the Dane: BBC Radio 4: Archive on 4:1 non-lu / 1chrisharpe, Novembre 2010
King Lear at The Shakespeare Theatre in Washington12 non-lus / 12Naren559, Mai 2010
Wikipedia (groan)8 non-lus / 8bhelg33, Mai 2010
Recommendations17 non-lus / 17Naren559, Juillet 2009
The first time you read Romeo & Juliet...4 non-lus / 4audreyfan21, Mars 2009
The Globe Message Board45 non-lus / 45Porius, Mars 2009
Purported Shakespeare portrait2 non-lus / 2Porius, Mars 2009
Need a line number.3 non-lus / 3Foxhunter, Mars 2009
How to buy Shakespeare?7 non-lus / 7xieouyang, Janvier 2009
On Having Finished Shakespeare's Complete Works4 non-lus / 4xieouyang, Janvier 2009
Looking for Richard6 non-lus / 6Naren559, Décembre 2008
Pericles1 non-lu / 1antimuzak, Novembre 2008
Famous Quotes : From William Shakepeare's plays1 non-lu / 1skoobdo, Novembre 2008
The Bard: Famous Quotes (From his plays)1 non-lu / 1skoobdo, Novembre 2008
Life and Times of William Shakespeare - The Bard1 non-lu / 1skoobdo, Novembre 2008
Introductory Criticism?6 non-lus / 6skoobdo, Novembre 2008
Least favorite Shakespeare plays2 non-lus / 2tortoise, Août 2008
Weird Shakespeare Adaptations17 non-lus / 17twacorbies, Juillet 2008
KIng Lear6 non-lus / 6belleyang, Juin 2008
Othello6 non-lus / 6GirlFromIpanema, Mai 2008
All's Well That Ends Well4 non-lus / 4belleyang, Janvier 2008
the hamlet thread5 non-lus / 5Naren559, Décembre 2007
Quiz/Trivia Time: Shakespeare's Plays2 non-lus / 2desultory, Décembre 2007
Christopher Marlowe3 non-lus / 3Naren559, Novembre 2007
Shakespeare Historical Fiction4 non-lus / 4lilithcat, Novembre 2007
Cymbeline7 non-lus / 7KimberlyL, Novembre 2007
Timon of Athens3 non-lus / 3Naren559, Novembre 2007
Coriolanus3 non-lus / 3belleyang, Novembre 2007
Shakespeare's Plays In Prose.5 non-lus / 5jseger9000, Octobre 2007
The Fool2 non-lus / 2Naren559, Octobre 2007
James Shapiro: 1599 - A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare3 non-lus / 3Cariola, Juillet 2007
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