A question a day

What is your mission? Every day that passes, a diary is consumed. That of a day, like that of a year. All life is summed up in a diary as every man is a book, every book is a man. A book, like a man or a woman, is made of questions and answers. Real or imaginary, digital or paper, each of us writes his/her story. It may take the form of a story, a poem, a novel, an essay, or even a song, as much a melody as a symphony, a picture, a photograph, a painting, a sculpture. Whatever it may be, the future must have its own shape, imagined, dreamed, desired by those who write on those pages, day after day: the hours and minutes also count. Every day I propose a question to which anyone who wants can give his/her answer and open a conversation that will become a sharing of ideas and feelings. Here is the first question: What is your mission?

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