Amateur Historians

History is not only a discipline to be carried out in formal academic circles. It is a discipline widely relevant to every day life and interesting to people of all sorts of different vocations. This group is people who love history, not as a course of formal study or as a career, but as a matter of self-education.

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Must Read Historical Books6 non-lus / 6Tess_W, Octobre 2020
History blog?17 non-lus / 17ntyork, Mars 2014
Fellow amateur historians, what books that you've read in 2009 do you recommend?11 non-lus / 11hollyness, Juillet 2010
website on Emperor Frederick II von Hohenstaufen1 non-lu / 1gregordijkhuis, Janvier 2010
New video interview with David Hackett Fischer1 non-lu / 1RichardBorkow, Juillet 2009
Help to identify a WWI tank?3 non-lus / 3TLCrawford, Avril 2009
RESOURCE: "Free" Primary and Secondary Sources ... where do you find yours?11 non-lus / 11ThePam, Mars 2009
Baltimore history??2 non-lus / 2ServusLibri, Mars 2009
Daniel Boorstin and Jacques Barzun1 non-lu / 1sergerca, Janvier 2009
OK Amateur Historians, What are You Reading For the 2nd Half of '08 (July =>December)27 non-lus / 27sergerca, Décembre 2008
History in the News1 non-lu / 1ThePam, Septembre 2008
Have Any of You Ever heard of the Salt Wars in Texas???3 non-lus / 3ThePam, Septembre 2008
OK Amateur Historians, What are You Reading in the 2nd Quarter of '08 (Apr, May, June)29 non-lus / 29GoofyOcean110, Juin 2008
First history book15 non-lus / 15wildbill, Avril 2008
Alright Amateur Historians...Whatcha Reading in March22 non-lus / 22DevourerOfBooks, Avril 2008
Who am I? Why am I here?9 non-lus / 9wildbill, Mars 2008
So What Are You Reading Now?26 non-lus / 26wildbill, Février 2008
Interests23 non-lus / 23ThePam, Novembre 2007
Shared Books3 non-lus / 3Ammianus, Octobre 2007
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