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Does your music library combate the book collection for shelf space? Does a paycheck well spent involve both bookstore and record store stops? That's what it seems like for me, so here is a place for those dealing with similar issues. No particular music fandom required, just a general (or obsessive) interest.

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New music group1 non-lu / 1Booksloth, Octobre 2012
Books On Music21 non-lus / 21krgppcl, Janvier 2012
What do you listen to?13 non-lus / 13worldcupfever, Octobre 2008
LT and cataloging your music collection3 non-lus / 3arethusarose, Avril 2008
Books and Music19 non-lus / 19Jim53, Janvier 2008
New Sounds11 non-lus / 11slickdpdx, Janvier 2008
Last.fm4 non-lus / 4coffeezombie, Juillet 2007
Suggestion for iPod/iTunes3 non-lus / 3heinous-eli, Mai 2007
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