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Even if you're not single, join this group and meet people the best way possible - by looking at what they read. Be respectful, but have fun too! Start a discussion about whether or not somebody's library matters when you're dating, how reading is better than sex (or vice versa), or just look for somebody with a sexy library, whether sexy to you is the complete books of J.R.R. Tolkien or a nice set of...postmodern theorists. Let's get it on.

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Too Important to Leave Dormant1 non-lu / 1bibliophile613, Janvier 2018
Attracted by her/his book?7 non-lus / 7Christy.Riege, Juillet 2011
welcome!82 non-lus / 82tiffanybamar, Septembre 2010
New online literary dating site1 non-lu / 1ainsleytewce, Août 2010
Penguin dating7 non-lus / 7tcrutch, Juillet 2009
Speed Dating10 non-lus / 10worldcupfever, Août 2008
Mum's the word5 non-lus / 5MichaelRua, Avril 2008
any bookworms in SLC area?1 non-lu / 1prince_alfie, Mai 2007
Wishing You Luck8 non-lus / 8kageeh, Mars 2007
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