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For bookbinders, papermakers, typographers, book designers, book artists, and anyone who loves the art of making a book.

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Amy Pirkle’s flip books1 non-lu / 12wonderY, Octobre 2021
Bookbinding without a board shear7 non-lus / 7kdweber, Mai 2021
Book Arts Message Board20 non-lus / 202wonderY, Mai 2021
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Dust Jacket Clear...Cellophane?12 non-lus / 12kdweber, Octobre 2020
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paper cutting8 non-lus / 8MuranoBlue, Février 2016
Re-binding of Mom's Bible3 non-lus / 3lilithcat, Octobre 2015
Stone Paper3 non-lus / 3misericordia, Février 2013
I was told to come here. I seek your wisdom.2 non-lus / 2Katya0133, Avril 2012
future book binder?2 non-lus / 2lilithcat, Août 2011
An utterly gorgeous book from Oak Knoll4 non-lus / 4yolana, Mai 2011
Book Making Class in Alexandria, VA1 non-lu / 1trollsdotter, Octobre 2009
Preserving old books3 non-lus / 3Ezzlar, Septembre 2009
Google Bookbinding2 non-lus / 2Katya0133, Septembre 2009
How did you learn?10 non-lus / 10marissajeanine, Juillet 2009
Your ideal studio9 non-lus / 9skittles, Décembre 2008
Book Binding Help5 non-lus / 5staffordcastle, Octobre 2008
CBS Sunday Morning Fine Binding segment2 non-lus / 2WholeHouseLibrary, Juillet 2008
erbinding books7 non-lus / 7WholeHouseLibrary, Novembre 2007
Favorite resources for bookbinding supplies2 non-lus / 2lilithcat, Octobre 2007
New Book History group1 non-lu / 1laurel_, Octobre 2007
Is There A Website That...3 non-lus / 3TrailOfLeaves, Septembre 2007
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