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This book is a blend of components that might be missing in the current age. It takes you to a well-known section of history and weaves a story of the love and boldness of a woman who was on a quest for her love. The author has seamlessly drafted the plot in the 18th century with aptly placed historic references. This helps establish the connection with the plot and engages the readers. I was drawn to the life and struggle of the central character, and the characters revolving around her made this read more interesting.

This tells the unique will of Barbe-Nicole, who wants to make her career as a "Champagne maker," but the rule defies her. As per the verdict at those times, women cannot own their businesses. This puts her in a difficult situation, and she takes a bold step for her dreams. This does not end here; her struggle continues, as does her "never give up" attitude. The story is interesting and engaging and gives a quiet insight into that time.
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Novel_XC | 19 autres critiques | Apr 10, 2024 |
I don’t know who wrote the summary for this book but it’s not correct I mean it is in a bare-bones sense but really what happens is Barb Nicole is 20 years old and although her father has been trying desperately to get her betrothed she secretly is waiting for her childhood friend and love of her life Francis. Thanks to her grandmother leaving her vineyards to her she has gained much but because of Napoleon has lost even more she doesn’t have the right to own her property unless she is a widow when her father arranges a deal with Francis‘s uncle to help her father‘s business in exchange for her hand in marriage she unknowingly encourages her father to do it but because Barb Nicole is independent and strong minded she comes up with a way to get out of it Francis is back from the war while all this is happening and clearly he is different sometimes he is the same old tadpole she knew and sometimes he’s a stranger who just keeps to himself but ultimately they marry and start the Rome Vineyard with his uncle who is essentially her ex fiancé of sorts. There’s trouble in the marriage and Francis passes away she soon Maoris the first man she was intended to marry. As thisis happening years or passing and she falls in love with one of their workers a man name Louis who goes to Russia in hopes of starting a Winehouse there but once again thanks to Napoleon Nicole is having a hard time getting her wine all the way to Russia. All of Nicole‘s life all she wanted to do was learn how to make wine run her Vineyard and marry the man she chose but thanks to Napoleon it seems nothing in her life has gone the way she wanted even when she gets a face-to-face with the great general he to threatens life as she knows it will she have her happiness in the end? This book is about a real person and as to how much license the author took I don’t know what I do know is she’s written a great historical fiction book with on point historical accuracy and as the story goes it jumps by years in many parts but the author explains it because she has lived so much of a life that even this novel wasn’t long enough to tell it all. This was a great book and one I highly recommend if you love historical accuracy independent women and a great book you definitely want to read Champagne Widow. Please forgive any mistakes as I am blind and dictate my review.… (plus d'informations)
Silverduck | 19 autres critiques | Feb 12, 2024 |
This book is like a happy mix of history, love, and bravery. It tells the story of a strong woman who faced challenges but still became famous for making champagne. The author describes Barbe-Nicole's journey in a way that makes the story interesting and inspiring. If you enjoy stories about people being determined, falling in love, and going after their dreams no matter what, you'll really like this book.

At the start, Barbe-Nicole really wants to make amazing champagne. But there's a problem – a rule called the Napoleon Code says women can't own businesses. She doesn't give up, though. She decides to marry François Clicquot, her childhood love, even though he has some problems with his mind.

The story gets sad when something bad happens, and Barbe-Nicole's husband dies. Now, she has to run the winery during a war and deal with a bossy partner. But she doesn't give in. She fights not only the difficulties of making champagne but also the strict rules of the Napoleon Code.
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Maximus1 | 19 autres critiques | Feb 5, 2024 |
Okay, so I just finished reading "Champagne Widows" by Rebecca Rosenberg and I need to talk about it. First off, who knew a book about champagne could be this enthralling? Not me, but here we are.
The book is set in France during the 1800s, and it's about this woman, Barbe-Nicole Clicquot. She's basically a widow who's left to run a champagne house and, let me tell you, she's as badass as they come. The story's like a rollercoaster, with Barbe-Nicole dealing with a gazillion things – the Napoleon Code, running a business in a man's world, and a complicated love life. It’s like watching a historical drama but without needing a subscription to a streaming service.
The characters are pretty well-drawn. Barbe-Nicole is a heroine you root for, even when she’s making questionable choices. And the supporting cast, like her love interest Louis and her domineering business partner, add layers to the story. It’s not just a history book; it’s got emotion and heart.
So, would I recommend "Champagne Widows"? Absolutely, especially if you’re into historical fiction with strong female leads. Four out of five stars from me!
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Valerria | 19 autres critiques | Jan 31, 2024 |

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