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John Ramirez is an internationally known evangelist, author and highly sought out speaker who for more than 16 years has been teaching believers around the globe how to defeat the enemy. He has shared his powerful testimony-of being miraculously saved as a high-ranking satanic priest-on It's afficher plus Supernaturall, The 700 Club, TBN, Daystar and more. afficher moins

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An armamentarium against Satan
Author/evangelist John Ramirez was a high-ranking satanic priest who converted to Christianity to become an evangelist, teaching believers to defeat the enemy devil. He has published eight books to date, beginning with his 2012 OUT OF THE DEVIL’S CAULDRON, through UNMASKING THE DEVIL, ARMED AND DANGEROUS, DESTROYING FEAR, EXPOSING THE ENEMY, COMBAT PRAYERS TO CRUSH THE ENEMY, CONQUER YOUR DELIVERANCE, and now FIRE PRAYERS. For those new to his books, John was raised in Puerto Rico, then moved to an impoverished ghetto neighborhood in New York City where he grew up despising his father for his careless disregard for his family, and was trained to be a satanic cult (Santeria and Spiritualist) high ranking priest in New York City, casting powerful witchcraft spells and controlling entire regions. His transformation out of Satanism to Christianity has resulted in his becoming a popular evangelist, and through his impact, thousands are now finding their way out of Satanism, Santeria, Palo Mayombe, and spiritualism.

John’s book is instructional, offering many themes and fire prayers on such topics as repentance, the ministry of violence, prayers to destroy Satanic hindrance and dreams and accidents/witchcraft and delays and astral projecting attacks, and self-deliverance, in addition to prayers for student success, moving into a home, and spiritual discernment. Heavily evangelistic, John makes his points of counsel and prayers to escort believers to victory in the fight against Satan. Powerful!
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Gemie | May 19, 2023 |
This is not an easy book to read if you don't understand spiritual warfare, but it is very informative. It is true that there is an enemy out there, but he can be disguised as anyone. His tricks are many and often subtle. I liked when the author talked about the enemy invading your mind. How many of us have believed that we are sick, unloved, or just ready to give up? See how easy it is for the enemy to take our thoughts captive and make you think things that are not true.

The author gives lots of examples like tarot cards etc which can be deceiving to us. We need to be prayerful and be guided by the Holy Spirit to remove obstacles that are not of God. It is a very in-depth book that helps readers be more aware of the enemy and be on guard for the attack . The book is filled with scriptures that are powerful tools to speak over your life. As an army prepares for battle they get information that will help them win. We need to do the same thing against the enemy. The book gives us many examples of how the enemy will sneak in and try to destroy you. What can we do to win? The easy answer is prayer and making good decisions. Thank you for sharing your story and giving us useful tools to fight off the enemy.

I received a copy of this book from The BookClub Network for an honest review.
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Harley0326 | 1 autre critique | Feb 13, 2016 |
This was a very interesting book. The author gives us a first hand account of how Satan worshippers melt into society and try and take root in humanity. It is a very scary outlook for those who don't give themselves to God. He gives us the tools to resist Satan and his followers. The only thing I can say negative about the book is that I wish he had more information on these strategies.
The author helps us understand the difference between God speaking to us and Satan trying to speak to us. He gives us some tools and we must learn from them and always make God number one!
I did enjoy finding out how he became the spiritual soldier for God. I will have to read his first book,
"Out of the Devil's Cauldron".
I received this book from The Book Club Network for an honest review.
Thank you and God Bless
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Penny_Burns_Marks | 1 autre critique | Jan 5, 2016 |



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