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The Maid (2022) 3,463 exemplaires, 196 critiques
The Mystery Guest (2023) 693 exemplaires, 35 critiques
Murder at the Royal Ruby - story (2023) 24 exemplaires, 5 critiques
The Mistletoe Mystery - story (2024) 1 exemplaire

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Nom légal
Pronovost, Nita
Date de naissance
late 20th c.
Lieux de résidence
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
vice-president (Simon & Schuster Canada)
editorial director (Simon & Schuster Canada)
Simon & Schuster (vice-president and editorial director)
Madeleine Milburn (Madeleine Milburn Literary TV & Film Agency)
Courte biographie
Thank you for visiting me. We have something in common—books. I believe you love them as much as I do. I love books the way Lennie in Of Mice and Men loved his pet mouse. For this reason, I don’t advise you ever to lend me your prized first folio edition of Mr. William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories & Tragedies as I may return it dog-eared and enhanced with a shabby chic patina of Scotch tape.

As for my professional life, I work in the publishing industry. I began years ago as an intern, photocopying edited manuscripts and secretly snooping the fascinating margin conversations between editors and writers. Currently, I’m vice president and editorial director at Simon & Schuster in Toronto, Canada, where I have the privilege of working with an incredible array of authors and publishing colleagues whom I credit with teaching me, manuscript by manuscript, book by book, the wondrous craft of writing.



Darker than The Maid
Review of the Amazon Original Story ebook (July 23, 2023) released simultaneously with the Brilliance Audio audiobook.

Although the opening of Murder at the Royal Ruby is quite grisly, it settles into cozy territory soon after with usher Grace telling the backstory of her own theatrical aspirations, the nastiness of the prima donna lead actress Vanessa and the multitude of suspects in the cast and crew who all despised her. The story takes place in the Royal Ruby Theater on Broadway where a supposed ‘Ghost of the Royal Ruby’ may be responsible for various pranks and accidents. I did like the idea of a theatrical show which uses a variety of endings so that any one performance is not the same as the others.

The resolution takes a darker turn though which is more in keeping with the theme of the ‘Obsession’ collection.

Nita Prose is the penname of Toronto author Nita Pronovost who had a breakthrough success with the novel The Maid (2022) and who has since written two sequels in the Molly the Maid series.

Trivia and Links
Murder at the Royal Ruby is the 1st of 6 short stories making up the psychological suspense series Obsession, released simultaneously on July 23, 2023 as eBooks by Amazon Originals and as audiobooks by Brilliance Audio. The Obsession collection is described as “Lust. Revenge. Greed. Hunger. Desire doesn’t care if you’re at the bottom of the ladder or the top of your game. Six masters of psychological suspense craft tales about people crossing moral lines in pursuit of their deepest desires. In these short stories, even the most mild-mannered characters can spin out of control when passion is at play. Hold on tight—there’s no turning back.”

You can watch for current and past Amazon Original Kindle short stories which are usually paired with their Audible Original narrations at an Amazon page here (Link goes to Amazon US, adjust for your own country or region).
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alanteder | 4 autres critiques | Jul 10, 2024 |
"The Mystery Guest" by Nita Prose is a captivating mystery thriller and the second installment in the "Molly, The Maid" series. This medium-paced book centers around Molly, who once again takes on the role of an amateur detective. The plot starts off quickly but slows down in the middle. Unlike the first book, this story delves into themes of sexual harassment, adding depth to the murder mystery. The real excitement begins after you’ve read more than half of the book. Although I enjoyed the first book, I felt this one could have been more engaging if other characters were given more development, as it primarily focuses on Molly and her struggles. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a light read to finish within a day, "The Mystery Guest" is a great choice. I would rate it 4 stars.… (plus d'informations)
Sucharita1986 | 34 autres critiques | Jul 8, 2024 |
The book is a bit odd, as is the main character, Molly, a hotel maid. She is very naive, and I would say neurodivergent. She seems to take things literally, and not understand what people are saying or meaning a lot of the time. She's an excellent maid though! She becomes involved in a mystery surrounding the death of a hotel guest, and in fact becomes the prime suspect. The story is far-fetched, most of the characters are stock characters, and the ending is not a satisfying one for me.
The book was just fine, not what I would consider great.
… (plus d'informations)
cherybear | 195 autres critiques | Jun 22, 2024 |
I was hesitant to read this sequel as I wasn't a huge fan of book 1, however, I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed that more of Molly's back story was revealed. Again, there is a mystery involved, a famous author is found dead in the hotel. Molly remembers this author from long ago, when she visited his home with her Gram.
Molly is also handling her duties as head maid.
Molly is clearly very quirky, but also very intelligent.
I enjoyed this story.
rmarcin | 34 autres critiques | Jun 17, 2024 |


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