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Michael Ondaatje was born in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) on September 12, 1943. He moved to Canada in 1962 and became a Canadian citizen. He received a B.A. from the University of Toronto and a M.A. from Queen's University, Kingston, and taught English at York University. He has written several volumes afficher plus of poetry, novels, and other works including There's a Trick with a Knife I'm Learning to Do, The Dainty Monsters, Rat Jelly, Coming through Slaughter, Running in the Family, In the Skin of a Lion, Anil's Ghost, and The Cat's Table. His title, Warlight, made the bestseller list in 2018. Ondaatje has won numerous awards including the Canadian Governor General's Award in 1971 for The Collected Works of Billy the Kid and the Booker Prize in Fiction for The English Patient, which was adapted into a film in 1996. (Bowker Author Biography) Michael Ondaatje was born in Sri Lanka. He now lives in Toronto. (Publisher Provided) afficher moins
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Œuvres de Michael Ondaatje

The English Patient (1992) 11,392 exemplaires
Le Fantôme d'Anil (2000) 3,926 exemplaires
Peau d'un lion (La) (1987) 2,763 exemplaires
La table des autres (2011) 2,377 exemplaires
Divisadero (2007) 2,293 exemplaires
Warlight (2018) 1,959 exemplaires
Running in the Family (1982) 1,668 exemplaires
Buddy Bolden: Une légende (1976) 1,427 exemplaires
The Cinnamon Peeler: Selected Poems (1989) 634 exemplaires
Handwriting (1998) 399 exemplaires
From Ink Lake: Canadian Stories (1990) — Directeur de publication — 124 exemplaires
Secular Love (1847) 54 exemplaires
The Story (2005) 38 exemplaires
Rat Jelly (1973) 35 exemplaires
Vintage Ondaatje (2004) 27 exemplaires
The Dainty Monsters (1967) 25 exemplaires
The Man with Seven Toes (1969) 15 exemplaires
Rat Jelly and Other Poems, 1963-78 (1979) 13 exemplaires
Leonard Cohen (1970) 12 exemplaires
Ondaatje Collection (1997) 11 exemplaires
The Long poem anthology (1979) 8 exemplaires
Brick 69 - A Literary Journal (2002) 5 exemplaires
Brick 78 - A Literary Journal (2006) — Directeur de publication — 3 exemplaires
13 dikt om familien (2009) 1 exemplaire
Tin roof (2012) 1 exemplaire
Stůl v koutě (2013) 1 exemplaire
Cosas de familia 1 exemplaire
CLAUDE GLASS. 1 exemplaire
Ο Άγγλος ασθενής (2006) 1 exemplaire
Untitled Compilation 1 exemplaire
Light 1 exemplaire
Personal Fictions 1 exemplaire
Two poems 1 exemplaire
PACIENTI ANGLEZ 1 exemplaire

Oeuvres associés

McSweeney's Issue 22: Three Books Held Within By Magnets (2007) — Contributeur — 331 exemplaires
Hontes : confessions impudiques mises en scène par les auteurs (2003) — Contributeur — 293 exemplaires
Granta 57: India! The Golden Jubilee (1997) — Contributeur — 201 exemplaires
Emergency Kit (1996) — Contributeur, quelques éditions107 exemplaires
Story-Wallah: Short Fiction from South Asian Writers (2004) — Contributeur — 96 exemplaires
Ground Works: Avante-Garde for Thee (2002) — Contributeur — 35 exemplaires
Antaeus No. 75/76, Autumn 1994 - The Final Issue (1994) — Contributeur — 32 exemplaires
One World of Literature (1992) — Contributeur — 22 exemplaires
Periodics, Number 5, Spring 1979 — Contributeur — 1 exemplaire


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January 2013: Michael Ondaatje à Monthly Author Reads (Février 2013)


Excellent narrator, lyrical prose
jmolaei | 81 autres critiques | Dec 30, 2007 |
mikestocks | 170 autres critiques | Oct 13, 2006 |


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