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Christiansen, Erin
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Morgenstern, Erin
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Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA
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Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA
New York City, New York, USA
Smith College
Inkwell Management
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ERIN MORGENSTERN is the author of The Night Circus, a number-one national best seller that has been sold around the world and translated into thirty-seven languages. She has a degree in theater from Smith College and lives in Massachusetts.

twitter & instagram: @erinmorgenstern




- This book made, pretty much, no sense
- The descriptions of the circus were pretty good, and felt like magic
- The relationships between people made no sense. Characters who had never met before suddenly know each other or were in love.
- This book would have been SO much better if the chapters were in chronological order!!! They were jumping all over the place.
- So many things were not explained.

In fact, the most accurate and awesome review of this book can be found here (and I'm linking to it because I could never write one even close to this good!): Lucy's Review. Joel's review is also pretty awesome.… (plus d'informations)
filemanager | 1,240 autres critiques | Nov 29, 2023 |
If I had to make one statement about Erin Morgenstern's "The Starless Sea" it would be this: This book weaved a web which felt like my brain was being tied in knots.

I read The Night Circus a month ago, and there are some similar styles that I noticed with this book:
- The first half of the book presented a fantastic, magical world that you felt yourself become immersed in.
- The second half of the book didn't make much sense.
- Characters were suddenly in love with each other, with no relationship build-up or anything.
- Leaves you with unanswered questions.

It took until about the 50% mark for me to figure out the format (for lack of a better word) of this book. So for future readers, I will help you out: Each "chapter" consists of a story, and then, whatever Zachary is doing. You will be very confused, but things do tie together eventually. Kind of.

I almost feel like this book needs to be read twice to fully understand it.

Lisa's review of The Starless Sea is a pretty accurate review (minor spoilers), that I really couldn't have written better myself.

I probably would give this 2 stars, but because this book had so many things that I love (large beautiful libraries, cats, the non-offensive mention of Canada and the Toronto area) I gave it a bonus star.

In summary, Erin Morgenstern seems to be extremely talented in inventing and writing about creative magical, mystical world that you can really immerse yourself in, but she should work on building up her love stories rather than suddenly having characters be in love with each other (same thing I felt in The Night Circus), and really make the plot clear and less confusing. Bonus points if the chapters in chronological order!
… (plus d'informations)
filemanager | 189 autres critiques | Nov 29, 2023 |
A fantastical journey through a Victorian-era circus, but it does take some dedication. The circus world builds around you as you read and come to know the characters - some you love, some you hate. The imagery is beautiful. I want my own wishing tree!
cms107 | 1,240 autres critiques | Nov 26, 2023 |
4.5/5 I'm not a fantasy reader, but I guess I am a phantasmagoric reader because I sucked this 500+ pager down in two days. I think I'll have to read it again just to catch everything. Morgenstern certainly worked her magic on me. Yes, there's magic; yes, there's love; yes, there's even a Hunger-Games-like game to the death, but the real star is the circus itself. I wanted to visit it and follow it all over the world. I will for probably a long time.
crabbyabbe | 1,240 autres critiques | Nov 19, 2023 |


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