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Œuvres de R. F. Kuang

The Poppy War (2018) 4,747 exemplaires, 139 critiques
Yellowface (2023) 2,370 exemplaires, 95 critiques
The Dragon Republic (2019) 1,890 exemplaires, 38 critiques
The Burning God (2020) 1,466 exemplaires, 23 critiques
The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2023 (2023) — Directeur de publication — 78 exemplaires, 3 critiques
The Poppy War Collection (2021) 41 exemplaires
The Drowning Faith 34 exemplaires, 1 critique
Katabasis 5 exemplaires
The Nine Curves River 1 exemplaire
Against All Odds [short story] — Auteur — 1 exemplaire
The Dragon Republic 1 exemplaire

Oeuvres associées

The Book of Dragons: An Anthology (2020) — Contributeur — 233 exemplaires, 8 critiques
A Summer Beyond Your Reach: Stories (2020) — Traducteur — 32 exemplaires
New Voices in Chinese Science Fiction (2022) — Traducteur — 12 exemplaires
Uncanny Magazine Issue 21: March/April 2018 (2018) — Contributeur — 11 exemplaires, 2 critiques
The Writer's Book of Doubt (2019) — Contributeur — 11 exemplaires
Clarkesworld: Issue 158 (November 2019) (2019) — Traducteur, quelques éditions4 exemplaires, 1 critique
Uncanny Magazine: The Best of 2018 — Contributeur, quelques éditions2 exemplaires


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Rin, an orphan adopted into a poor family illegally selling opium in a China-like world, tests into a prestigious school for warriors in the capital city. She discovers unusual talents there while facing off against bullies. But when the Federation invades, the students become soldiers. Rin must find her true calling. First in a trilogy, this book has enough of an ending that I’ll unlikely read further. I liked the story but the more I read, the less I cared about Rin. I liked other characters much more but alas they won’t be the focus of more of the story. I felt like the writing became a bit sloppy as the story continued. Rin is a strong female character but she’s not nearly suffered as much as she thinks she has. Yet she seems to wear her “suffering” as her right to take the actions she does. I just don’t feel invested in her character to continue with the trilogy. Many trigger warnings. The author doesn’t flinch from graphic scenes of torture and death.… (plus d'informations)
KarenMonsen | 138 autres critiques | Jul 10, 2024 |
Oh, this book. Concept is a cool alternate history in which British imperialism is supported through magical silverworking. I loved the beginning but I stopped loving it pretty quick. I feel like it had so much potential but it's simultaneously very self-important and not nearly as deep as she thinks it is - and she didn’t do as much with the world building as she should have. It also became so ham fisted in the second half. Like readers could not be trusted to learn "colonialism is bad" without being told via polemic "colonialism is bad." I wished for richer characters and richer world building. There was so much more to give.… (plus d'informations)
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sparemethecensor | 115 autres critiques | Jul 9, 2024 |
Points off for including 2 Swedish words in total where one was misspelt and the other was the wrong word. In a book about how important proper translation and spelling is, it's a bit odd.

Chapter 23: "Gökatta" is not a word. It's supposed to be "Gökotta" (o instead of a). It's a Swedish tradition where you get up early and watch birds in spring (Gök=cuckoo bird, otta=very early morning).

Chapter 24: "Sand" is a word, but it's the same as in english. It's the stuff at the beach and in the desert. What they were going for was "Sann/sant" which means true/truth.… (plus d'informations)
Itaby | 115 autres critiques | Jul 7, 2024 |
The characters weren’t particularly likable and the main character kept digging herself in a hole, yet the satire was so deeply cutting I couldn’t put this down. It exposed how racism can take so many forms and how difficult it can be to suss out anyone’s true motives. The meta conversations were so layered it boggled my mind.
nicole_a_davis | 94 autres critiques | Jul 6, 2024 |


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