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Death Leaves a Shadow (Marlowe Black Mystery Book 2) (2019) 39 exemplaires, 36 critiques
Beholden: A Marlowe Black Mystery (2017) 12 exemplaires, 11 critiques
Get the Boy, Own the Future (2022) 11 exemplaires, 9 critiques
And Come Day's End: A Michael MacKaybees Mystery (2018) 1 exemplaire, 2 critiques

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L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume XX (2004) — Contributeur — 76 exemplaires


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Get the Boy, Own the Future By Gabriel Koch is a science fiction military novel that you need to hang in for. There is a lot going on but if you stick with it, it all comes together. As we time travel, Gabriel does a wonderful job enter twinning a tragic world with an advanced world and creating a vivid plot. This is a thrilling read for those science fiction lovers!
Linix | 8 autres critiques | Jan 11, 2024 |
I’ve read many books by Koch and always praise how well they are done. This one is no different. Though the Marlow Black stories are my favorites, this is one of the better sci-fi books I’ve read this year (by any author). The concept is creative; I enjoy the old-timey feel coupled with sci-fi and future elements.
The story does start a bit slower, building a foundation and explaining some of the finer details of the mission expected of our Commander of Commanders and the “current” world state. We jump quickly into the past with the Commander to save the dire state of the future. As expected, Koch handles the topic of race and historical accuracy deftly. Once the foundation is set the story really picks up. I found myself through the book way faster than I thought I’d be. It only took a couple of days to get through. Highly recommend, as always. Can't wait until the next one!… (plus d'informations)
Cliffed | 8 autres critiques | Dec 18, 2023 |
Even though the main plot is suggested by the title of the book, you will not be able to guess the seamlessly arranged subplots, which will keep you on the edge.
As I am familiar with the writing style and work of the author, I grabbed the book without a second thought, and the story kept me engaged and turned my gloomy weekend into an interesting one.

The story is planned in a devastating scenario on planet Earth, where we are suffering due to various climatic conditions and life seems impossible. This leads scientists to do research and find a way to stop it.
As they study more of its cause and arrange the cubes to understand how to stop, they get to know that the "death of a boy" in the past around 1800 can reverse things to the positive side. With the hope of changing everything, they send their best man to find and keep the boy safe.
Isn't it exciting? Trust me, it gets interesting after every page.
… (plus d'informations)
hTimSs6 | 8 autres critiques | Dec 14, 2023 |
Gabriel F.W. Koch's book "Get the Boy, Own the Future," is set in a future where climate change and pole shifts have nearly destroyed life on Earth. Scientists use time travel to try and alter the past to save the future, focusing on a pivotal event: the death of a boy in 1800s Virginia City. A military leader from the 23rd century travels back in time to save the boy, hoping to alter the course of history and prevent a continuous spiral of ecological disasters and warfare.

Time travel, climate change and pole shifts is a fantastic premise, and the book itself absolutely lived up to my hopes of what it could be. The characters are all fully developed with their own backgrounds and all behave and respond absolutely as their individuality would dictate. There is a lot of detail in here and the research alone for the book must have been a masterful effort. Sometimes with real epic novels such as this the ending can tail off and leave you less than satisfied but that is not the case here. It’s all very edge-of-your-seat stuff, right down to the final page.… (plus d'informations)
SallEv | 8 autres critiques | Nov 17, 2023 |

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