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I got an autographed copy of this book through First Reads, and I'm thankful to the author and the publisher for it.
This is the story of the transformation of a sickly boy sheltered from the world by his parents into an able young man who is ready to tread the spiritual path by the guidance of a master. The master employs all kinds of methods to make the boy grow out of the shackles of the presumed weakness of his mind and body, all the while narrating his own extraordinary life story.
The book is well written, the stories of the master's past and the present flowing seamlessly together. Spiritual teachings are beautifully interspersed in the flowing narrative. Vivid descriptions of the events, landscapes and the spiritual experiences make this book highly gratifying. I truly enjoyed it. Well done, [a:Gary Edward Gedall|7477541|Gary Edward Gedall|]!… (plus d'informations)
aravind_aar | Nov 21, 2021 |
What a wonderfully crafted, educational, and entertaining children’s novel The Tales of Peter the Pixie is.
Author Gary Edward Gedall has created a very well-presented and relatable story for youngsters. the stories have life lessons and life skills to teach our children like friendship, trust, helping others and the importance being kind to others too. I shall be reading this book at bedtime for my daughter to enjoy…and myself of course!
Tharpere | 4 autres critiques | Sep 25, 2021 |
The Tales of Peter the Pixie Volume 1: New Friends by Gary Gedall is a charming fantasy that children will love. Peter floats down the river from the mountain on a large leaf and soon makes his home in the woods. As a young pixie, Peter is innocent about many life skills. This is the tale of his many learning experiences. Plus, children will discover problem-solving knacks when Peter interacts with others in the forest.

Children will find The Tales of Peter the Pixie entertaining as Gary Gedall teaches about friendships, trust, and discernment. Peter begins to make friends for selfish reasons and soon realizes the truth about friendship and the importance of helping others. The author also stresses the significance of being true to yourself and your needs. Plus, changing your behavior and get along with others. I greatly recommend this book to children, parents, and teachers.… (plus d'informations)
Solopet | 4 autres critiques | Sep 10, 2021 |
British author Gary Edward Gedall earned is degree in Management Sciences from Ashton University while simultaneously acting and writing plays, worked in the US and Canada, and returned to the UK to work as a computer network administrator and programmer and professional psychic. He earned his Bachelor's and Masters degrees in psychology from the Universities of Geneva Lausanne. He also completed an advanced course in Shamanism Studies, and now writes books influenced by his experience in hypnosis. His books to date include REMEMBER, ADVENTURES WITH THE MASTER, the ISLAND OF SERENITY Series, and his LIVING IN HARMONY WITH THE REAL WORLD Series which includes FUNDAMENTALS, FAMILY & FRIENDS, WORK PARADISE OR PURGATORY and COPING WITH LOSS AND GRIEF. His gift as a children’s book author surfaces in his THE TALES OF PETER THE PIXIE series, of which NEW FRIENDS is the initial volume.

All aspects of this sensitive, educational and entertaining novel are on target: the presentation is spacious allowing easy reading for youngsters as well as adults, the title character Peter the Pixie is so well drawn that he is easily relatable, and the aspects of friendship and character traits the various friends of Peter illustrate are very well presented as story lessons.

The ‘Friends’ of the title that Peter encounters include the Gatherer ant, and Robin the rabbit who introduces Peter to the forest folk – ‘Horace the hummingbird (the postman and forest gossip), Oswald the old Owl (who was pompous and posh), Terrance the tortoise (very careful and steady), Freddy the fox (just the opposite, fast and flighty), Marvin and Melissa the moles, Grandma Squirrel and other squirrels and all the wonderful rabbits.’ Each friend offers a lesson for Peter – for example Timothy (the old) Toad (against being rude and not listening to the advice of elders), Elli the fairy (offering help to friends in need), Selwyn the squirrel (sharing with friends without expectations of return– giving gifts to experience the joy of giving, NOT because of what we get), the Fiery Dragon and the egg (asking friends for help, nurturing new friends, learning to read and write and speak, looking after someone in exemplary fashion) and more friends with more lessons offered in fine storytelling fashion

Peter the Pixie learns from each of his many new friends to the extent that by book’s end we find ‘And so the forest met a new kind, helpful Peter, who helped because that was what he enjoyed doing.’ Vibrant, poetic, and rich in excellent ideas, this is a book that belongs is all children’s libraries. Highly recommended.
… (plus d'informations)
Augustosen | 4 autres critiques | Sep 1, 2021 |