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Lois Duncan (1934–2016)

Auteur de I Know What You Did Last Summer

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Lois Duncan was born on April 28, 1934 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the age of 13, her first story was published in the magazine Calling All Girls. As a senior in high school, she won Seventeen magazine's annual short-story contest. She continued to write for magazines after getting married afficher plus and having children. She entered her young adult manuscript Debutante Hill in Dodd, Mead and Company's Seventeenth Summer Literary Contest and earned the grand prize, which was $1000 and a book contract. That first title was published in 1958. She published several young adult novels at that time including Love Song for Joyce and A Promise for Joyce, both under the pseudonym Lois Kerry. After her first marriage ended in divorce, she wrote freelance magazine articles and taught in the journalism department at the University of New Mexico. After she married for the second time, she started writing books again. Her young adult novels included Ransom, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Killing Mr. Griffin, Night Terrors, Stranger with My Face, Don't Look Behind You, and The Twisted Window. She also wrote works for younger readers including Silly Mother, The Circus Comes Home: When the Greatest Show on Earth Rose the Rails, Hotel for Dogs, News for Dogs, and Movie for Dogs. Her best-known non-fiction book, Who Killed My Daughter?: The True Story of a Mother's Search for Her Daughter's Murderer, is about her family's experiences following the murder of her youngest daughter in 1989. Her works have earned her several awards including three Parents' Choice awards, the Margaret A. Edwards Award in 1992, and the 2015 Grand Master Award by the Mystery Writers of America. She died on June 15, 2016 at the age of 82. (Bowker Author Biography) afficher moins
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Œuvres de Lois Duncan

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1973) 1,376 exemplaires
Killing Mr. Griffin (1978) 1,195 exemplaires
Stranger with My Face (1981) 913 exemplaires
Down a Dark Hall (1974) 865 exemplaires
A Gift of Magic (1971) 782 exemplaires
Locked in Time (1985) — Auteur — 722 exemplaires
Don't Look Behind You (1989) 705 exemplaires
Summer of Fear (1977) 668 exemplaires
Five Were Missing (1966) 578 exemplaires
The Third Eye (1984) 557 exemplaires
Daughters of Eve (1979) 556 exemplaires
Gallows Hill (1997) 532 exemplaires
Hotel For Dogs (1971) 478 exemplaires
The Twisted Window (1987) 385 exemplaires
News For Dogs (2009) 328 exemplaires
They Never Came Home (1969) 324 exemplaires
Who Killed My Daughter? (1992) 302 exemplaires
The Magic Of Spider Woman (1996) 143 exemplaires
Movie For Dogs (2010) 120 exemplaires
Night Terrors: Stories of Shadow and Substance (1996) — Directeur de publication — 104 exemplaires
I Walk at Night (2000) 79 exemplaires
On The Edge: Stories At The Brink (2000) — Directeur de publication — 62 exemplaires
The Birthday Moon (1989) 60 exemplaires
Trapped!: Cages of Mind and Body (1938) — Directeur de publication; Contributeur — 43 exemplaires
Debutante Hill (1958) 32 exemplaires
Songs from Dreamland (1989) 31 exemplaires
When the Bough Breaks (1973) 24 exemplaires
Written In The Stars (2014) 22 exemplaires
The Longest Hair in the World (1999) 19 exemplaires
Chapters: My Growth As a Writer (1982) 19 exemplaires
Song of the Circus (2002) 19 exemplaires
Horses of Dreamland (1985) 18 exemplaires
Psychic Connections (1995) 16 exemplaires
The Circus Comes Home (1993) 13 exemplaires
Peggy (1970) 11 exemplaires
The middle sister (1960) 11 exemplaires
Giving Away Suzanne (1963) 7 exemplaires
Major Andre: Brave Enemy (1969) 7 exemplaires
Season of the Two-Heart (1964) 5 exemplaires
So cosa hai fatto (2021) 4 exemplaires
Down a Dark Hall [2018 Film] — Writer — 4 exemplaires
Silly mother (1962) 4 exemplaires
Seasons of the Heart (2007) 3 exemplaires
Borte for alltid (1999) 2 exemplaires
The Littlest One in the Family (1960) 2 exemplaires
Jornal Para Cães 1 exemplaire
ONDA DE VIOLÊNCIA 1 exemplaire
Ne te retourne pas (1989) 1 exemplaire
Kutyaszálló 1 exemplaire

Oeuvres associées

Les quatre filles du docteur March (1868) — Postface, quelques éditions26,701 exemplaires
Hotel for Dogs [2009 film] (2009) — Original book; Original book — 128 exemplaires
I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) — Original novel — 78 exemplaires


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I am calling this a "coming of age" book because it deals with teens in high school or just graduating learning some hard lessons about life. When two teen boys go missing, the sister of one of them decides she is going to try to find them. It's a somewhat twisty story with a relatively bland ending. The bad guy gets his and the good guy gets to continue on with his life.

After I started reading this edition, I learned that it had been updated to include more modern references such as cell phones and the internet. However, the changes could have been skipped because they were not significant enough details to make the story unrelatable, especially since everyone seemed to have a landline phone in their house.

I also learned that this author wrote I Know What You Did Last Summer. I may have to pick that one up at some point to see if it is better than this book.

All in all this was a quick read to fill time.
… (plus d'informations)
GrammaPollyReads | 3 autres critiques | Jun 10, 2024 |
This book is definitely a thriller. Nora trying to uncover her step mothers secrets will make you want to keep reading and never stop!
skhan82 | 16 autres critiques | Apr 9, 2024 |
I liked this book - I liked the pacing for the most part, the story was interesting and engaging, and I even liked the way everything wrapped up at the end, but there were just a couple of things that kept it from being a 5 star read for me. First, I think most readers will be able to guess the angle with the mother way, way before the "reveal." And second, I really, really wish that the romance between the main character and the cop had been developed before they went to look for the kidnapped children. That just would have made more sense to me and not made those two characters look quite so jerky for a little while. I mean, they are on a desperate race to find a van full of kidnapped children whose lives may be in danger - one of the kids being the cop's nephew - and they stop to take the time to sort of hook up? How selfishly shallow. Plus it caused a pause in the action that made me roll my eyes. Other than those two things, I really did enjoy the book and happily recommend it to anyone who enjoys YA lit with a little mystery and a hint of the supernatural.… (plus d'informations)
clamagna | 6 autres critiques | Apr 4, 2024 |


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